Baby Has Arrived

Feeding Support

Supporting a breastfeeding relationship, bottle-feeding relationship, or a combination thereof, listening to the mom’s needs through this process and experience. We can help with everything from creating a routine, back-up support overnight, back to work prep, and problem solving for any feeding issues that may arise. The care can be provided by the appropriate professional. 


Overnight Care

Overnight care specialists provide the extra set of hands and and expertise in the night that you and your baby need. Care specialists are there to help create a comfortable, safe sleep environment for both your family and your baby so everyone gets the rest they need. 

Sibling Support

Adding a new member to your family can be stressful for the kids already here. Let us help you make this transition easier. Care can be provided specifically for the sibling(s) during prenatal, during birth, and after your new addition has arrived. Typical support includes holding space, comforting, explaining the changes and process while recognizing and supporting their needs. 

Schedules / Routines

Struggling with schedules and establishing a routine with your newborn or young child? We can help you develop a schedule that fits your family’s needs. Routines and schedules are not one size fits all, they are particular to each child and family. One of our specialists will come to you for a consultation and then help implement the new schedule or routine. 

Household Services

We know household tasks often take a back seat to the more pressing needs of your new baby.  We’re happy to tackle light housekeeping (sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and laundry) and assist with tidying the nursery, kitchen and other living areas.  Our goal is to make sure your home is set up to efficiently meet your needs and to provide you and your family with a calm, comfortable space to rest, thrive and bond. 

General Consultation

Not sure what you need? Overwhelmed by all the options or services available? We offer a general consultation to help you understand what you need and how best we can assist you through this experience from womb to two. This consult can be scheduled as a phone call or an in-person meeting and generally lasts 90 minutes. 

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