Baby on the Way

Childbirth Education

Our childbirth education is designed by doulas.  We’ve spent years listening to our clients and supporting them in labor and birth at hospitals, birth centers and their homes.  We know how to prepare families in a way that is not overwhelming.  Our childbirth education equips families with a strong understanding of essential elements that will help them understand options available to them.  Parents learn about the physiology of birth, prenatal activities to support birth, medical interventions and why they are used and how to communicate your goals to medical staff.  In addition, families will have the trusted support of a doula to help them put this knowledge to use during the high energy hours of labor. 

Newborn Care

Newborns require care 24 hours a day. Bringing them home from the hospital can be daunting and overwhelming, causing you to wonder if your gut is stearing you in the right direction about all things that they do: wondering if they are eating enough, sleeping too much, not enough, and anything else running through your mind.  We provide care for the family meeting you exactly where you are at and help you to create a plan to get you through those first few weeks.  Bathing, Umbilical cord care, reflexes, development, swaddling, wearing your baby, not wearing your baby and sleep. We give you that information while also giving you a reprieve.

Newborn CPR

This course will prepare your family for any type of emergency involving infants, children, adults and elderly. The course can be tailored to best fit your family’s needs and there is an opportunity to receive an certification card if you wish to complete the full course.

Topics Include: Basic First Aid, Adult CPR, Infant/Child CPR, Choking, Shock, Stroke, Hypothermia, Concussions, AED, and more.


Our goal is to set you up for success before, during and after birth to make nursing an opportunity for bonding, nourishment and convenience.  Our doulas support you in the first hours after birth, helping when needed to initiate breastfeeding and answer questions.  Many families will also choose to have added support at home for the first few days or weeks following birth to receive tips and suggestions for stay organized, relaxed and comfortable with nursing.  

Carseat Inspection

Bringing home a new baby in an infant car seat? How about changing your car seat from rear-facing to forward-facing? Or, thinking about upgrading to a booster side and can’t decide if it’s the right time? We can help! We are happy to offer private car seat inspections by our certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST).  Every car seat should be inspected in your vehicle to ensure safe installation and proper fit of the child. Please contact us to book your inspection or add on to any other service package.

Birth Planning

Birth planning is one option that we use to learn about each family’s goals for their unique birth experience and to put to rest any concerns they may have.  A birth plan acts as simplified communication tool between a family and their care provider.  We find that taking the time to actually listen to a family before the excitement of labor begins is the key ingredient in crafting a personalized set of preferences that will make up your birth plan.  You and your partner lead the way in deciding how you’ll use your birth plan knowing that we’re at your side with experience and knowledge, guiding you to the most effective birth plan.  

Labor Support

Between beeping monitors and confusing medical jargon, it can be hard to find your rhythm in labor.  Our doulas meet you anytime day or night to support you and your partner.  Our role never replaces that of a clinician, instead we are focused on bringing comfort and compassion to your birth experience.  You can expect knowledgeable informational support in the moment to support confident decision-making in communication with your doctor, nurse or midwife.  Doulas are known for their comforting touch and ability to transform a stressful environment into a calming and safe space.

Specialty Births Supported: 

  • Hypno-Birth

  • Birthing from Within

  • Bradley Method

  • V-Bac Specialists

  • Lamaze

  • Water Birth

  • Home Birth 

Registry Building

So you’re having a baby!! Yay! Now what? Do you have all the questions about all the stuff you need for this new bundle of joy? Overwhelmed with all the gadgets, toys and new things? Questions like, “Do I really need these 15 different swaddles and swings”? We are the folks to help you navigate all this stuff. We, in our 15 years of experience, have on the job experience of using all the new fangled tools out there in the baby world and we know the best things to use, and can help you build your registry with the things you really need. We can walk you through Amazon, Target, etc, and help you choose things that are needed and the things that are the most appropriate for your growing baby to keep up with their growth stages and developmental milestones until they’re 2 years old. 

Baby Showers & Blessingways

Baby showers and blessingways are a right of passage during pregnancy. A baby shower is: a celebration in honor of mom and new baby where the expectant mom is “showered” with gifts and love and surrounded by close female friends and family. A blessingway is more of a ceremony that comes from the Native American tradition which honors the woman’s passage into motherhood. It is usually a more intimate and emotional event characterized by bringing a blessing for mom and baby and sharing in kind words and wisdom rather than physical gifts. Our team is experienced in leading blessingways or helping to organize baby showers and honored to be a part of the experience. 

Nursery Planning

Planning for your baby’s arrival home isn’t just exciting and fun, it’s a practical way to ensure safety and functionality.  Our doulas are pros when it comes to laying out space in your home that makes sense for breastfeeding, a growing baby and opportunities for parents to rest and spend time together.  We also come to your home prepared with simple safety measures that can give peace of mind.

The Pet and Baby Relationship

Sometimes family pets welcome the arrival of a new baby with ease and sometimes the new life and activity in the home bring about anxiety or other behavior changes in pets. To make things go as smoothly as possible for everyone, it’s important to take some time to prepare your pets for the arrival of your new addition – we can help you make and implement a plan that includes preparing your pets for your upcoming lifestyle changes, introduction of your pets and new family member(s), and integrating your pets’ needs into your new routine.

General Consultation

Not sure what you need? Overwhelmed by all the options or services available? We offer a general consultation to help you understand what you need and how best we can assist you through this experience from womb to two. This consult can be scheduled as a phone call or an in-person meeting and generally lasts 90 minutes. 

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