Certified Doula Training

The first of its kind-the AlloTribe Full Spectrum Doula Training, was created to educate and certify doulas in both birth and postpartum care from womb-to-two. Students will spend 2 full days, a comprehensive 20 hours, learning from experts in the industry and veteran doulas currently working in the field. This training was created with the intention of hands-on interactive learning, and sharing knowledge and experience as well as evidence based practices and facts. 

Additionally, this program was developed with the understanding of the Colorado birth and postpartum culture in mind, including current hospital/birth center policies and practices. The end-to-end training adheres to a professional high standard and focuses on elevating the industry by supporting the professional practice of doulas.

Topics Include

Supporting Pregnancy

Learn common pregnancy complaints, nutrition needs, birth plans, supporting the family and partners as they prepare for baby, care provider communication, latent and early labor, and more.

Support Through Labor and Birth

Techniques for supporting the birthing woman and partner during each stage of labor, activities, communication, labor/birth environments, understanding complications, emergency situations, the entire care team, and scope of practice.

Immediate After-Birth Care

Meeting the immediate needs of mother, and baby, (and family if necessary), scope of practice for postpartum support, education support, etc...

Postpartum Healing and Recovery

Understanding the postpartum woman’s body, healing, recovery, warning signs, myths, PMADS, mood disorders, and emotional support, birth processing, postpartum struggles/complications, etc.

Newborn Care

Newborn development basics, milestones, growth spurts, nutrition, physical development, mental development, baby language and how they communicate.

Breastfeeding Support

Current, evidence based practice, hospital practices, how lactation works, how supply works, options, complications, recognizing need for additional support, resources, and troubleshooting.

Sleep Guidance

Baby circadian rhythms, baby sleep cycles and patterns, age appropriate sleep times, sleep and brain development, sleep expectations, nutrition, structure and routines.

Doula Business Basics

Your professional doula business, scope, business principals, small business setup, contacts, insurance, continuing education, working in people’s homes, HIPPA and sharing information.


“After 2 incredible days, learning from incredible people, I am prepared and excited to help new families in the adventure of child birth. Thank you Allotribe for a conclusive and comprehensive training.” 

- JD Lind

Upcoming Trainings

June 21-22, 2019
Certified Full-Spectrum Doula Training
Early Bird Pricing: $650
General Admission: $800

Pre-Requisites Required: 

  • Childbirth Education Class

  • Newborn Care Class

These classes can be taken or fulfilled through any local hospital or private class. If you have questions, please contact us

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