Daddy Care

Daddy & Me Play Dates

Looking for some ideas for bonding between daddy and kiddo or feeling a little disconnected from your kids and want something fun to do? We are here to help by holding space for you and your kiddo to play, spend time together and connect away from mom. Facilitated by our male doulas, we will help plan a playdate at home or other place (park, splash pad, etc…) where dads are welcome to connect, ask questions, and feel supported. Play date options include parks, sandboxes, splash pads, coffee shops, Lego parties, Hot Wheels parties, baseball field, and lots of others-or create your own. 

Emotional Support

It’s so easy (and natural) to become overwhelmed following a new birth.  If this is your first baby, you might be feeling a bit shell-shocked. Whether the birth went just as you planned and you’re now coming down from that amazing high, or things didn’t go exactly as you hoped and you’re still trying to process the birth experience and care for your partner and precious newborn at the same time. If you have other children, maybe you’re wondering how you’re ever going to be able to navigate caring for your older kids while also supporting the family. Or, maybe this whole parenthood thing just isn’t what you expected; you miss your old life and are struggling to connect and bond with the baby and/or your partner. We’re here to support you, hold space for you to process the highs and lows, and listen with a kind, nonjudgmental ear.

Educational Support

Childbirth education and newborn care classes are great basic classes for new parents, but often geared towards the mothers. So how about something specific for dads? We offer a variety of educational support services that speak directly to dads and meet their questions and goals as they prepare for their growing family. We provide Daddy Prep classes, doula support, male doula support, support groups, consultations, and a place for dads to feel answered, supported and understood. 

How to Understand and Support Your Partner

Support for your partner can be the most challenging part of this journey as there is nothing that prepares the partnership like the way a birth class prepares for birth. Dads/fathers/husbands have a unique role caring for their partner, AND the child(ren). The pressure and responsibility can feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate, and often wondering what to do. We provide support to you (in many ways) so that you can support your partner. 

Daddy's First Time Alone with Baby

We know that a daddy’s first time alone with baby can seem like a big task, whether it be a little nerve wracking for dad, or hard for mom to actually leave! We offer support through consultations, in-person, or over the phone to help make this experience easier for all. Dads can use the support of our male doulas to prepare and seek advice or guidance, and moms can feel confident in the care that dad provides. 

General Consultation

Not sure what you need? Overwhelmed by all the options or services available? We offer a general consultation to help you understand what you need and how best we can assist you through this experience from womb to two. This consult can be scheduled as a phone call or an in-person meeting and generally lasts 90 minutes. 

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