Family Planning

Fertility Support

Going through infertility treatments is emotional and sometimes overwhelming, it involves extensive doctors appointments as well as medication requirements. At times your immediate support system may not be available to accompany you to every appointment or isn’t emotionally available to process and remember everything that is going on. We understand how much it can help to have a knowledgeable and supportive companion to accompany you, to be your eyes ears and emotional support. We will work together to tailor our support for you and support you exactly where you need it. From day one, we will be there with you! 

Adoption Support

Adoption can be difficult and emotional for all parties involved. Our team is equipped to support the birthing person and the family growing through adoption. We offer a range of services that provides emotional physical and educational support to all involved in this journey. 

Surrogacy Support

What an amazing gift it is to be a family growing via surrogate and to be a surrogate providing a safe womb for a baby to grow. Going through this process, you may need that extra emotional and physical support to help get you through the extensive doctors appointments and medication requirements. We understand that it is super helpful to have a companion to accompany you, hold your hand and be that emotional and educational support for you as you walk through this journey. We provide companion support and doula support with experienced surrogate doulas to help you navigate this special process.

Pre-Conception Counseling

Planning and preparing for baby is both exciting and all-consuming. Many parents ask themselves lots of questions and also don’t know what questions to ask. We offer consultation and counseling services that can answer those questions and help you prepare for the next nine months and after. Each session is unique and can include a wide range of topics from family and household, to a mother’s physical and emotional preparation, to lifestyle changes, to education and resources, decisions, and much more. Our team is here to help navigate your questions, lay out a plan, organize your thoughts, and support you all the way. 

General Consultation

Not sure what you need? Overwhelmed by all the options or services available? We offer a general consultation to help you understand what you need and how best we can assist you through this experience from womb to two. This consult can be scheduled as a phone call or an in-person meeting and generally lasts 90 minutes. 

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